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Company Profile

SUNSTAR has been leading the sewing industry as a Korea No.1 brand. As a world best comprehensive maker, we are manufacturing sewing machines, industrial motors for sewing machines and embroidery machines.
We have learned from Financial crisis. In 2015, we have established the seat of a new leap forward from M&A with MOBASE. We will never stay in the past. As the world's leading manufacturer, based on best quality, we will approach our customer closer with world's best quality.
In addition, we will reach customers with more economical product by establishing a manufacturing factory in Vietnam. Through the constant innovation, we will not only satisfy customers' demand on item, such as Jean, shoes, airbag, car seat and embroidery but also Integrate with IT technology and new control system technology in order to always be with you as the world's leading textile machinery manufacturer.
We, SUNSTAR, appreciate your support as always.Thanks

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